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Italian Travel Tours provides a variety of touristic services including specialized, private and customized tours.

History, Art, Culture, good Food, Wines and the friendliness of its people, make Italy one of the worlds’ most visited and loved Countries.

“Experience the beauty and wonders of Italy, helping us create your own personalized tour”.

One of the main features of this new company is, you name the places you would like to visit, including the little town your ancestors came from, and Italian Travel Tours will create a specialized tour for your family, your friends and you to enjoy. We combine visits and stays to the main attraction areas together with places less known to tourists as La Ciociaria, L’Agro Pontino, Il Gargano and many more areas off the beaten Path.

Theme tours, such as “Il Carnevale di Venezia”, “Tuscan Renaissance, Vineyards & Sunflowers”, “Roman Holidays”, “Sorrento & Amalfi, City of the Sirens” and more will be available. These tours will focus on the most famous tourist cities, their main attractions and their activities. Just think of visiting and seeing the unique architecture of Venice, the breathtaking masterpieces of Renaissance Art in Florence, the Ancient Ruins of Rome and the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

The Beauty and Culture of Italy through the Ages, has inspired the enthusiasm of the People of all Times and Places. Its History traces far back in time. With its numerous invasions and bizarre influences, this country is a “True Collage” of eastern and western cultures, from Roman to Greek, from Norman to Byzantine, from Egyptian to Arab, Italy has it all.